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Published by Linda on 13 May 2008

The Goodbye

It’s so hard to say goodbye to everyone, I feel really sad :-( I know I’ll home before I know it but goodbyes suck big time). And that’s why I have to get a cab to the airport!!! Airports make it worse than it is. Shed a good few tears tonight and there’ll be more tomorrow I bet. Emotional Bear at her best! The lead-up was too long, I should have decided to go last week and left this week!!

Anyway only one more day left at home and then it’s Hong Kong for Lindy. I promise the blogs will get better and cheerier then :-) All this pre-departure stuff is really just for me to look back on. Great to have this site, so once again thanks Donal, you’re a star :-)

P.S. Thanks again to everyone, you’ve all been so great. Will miss you all so much.

Published by Linda on 12 May 2008


…………what the hell do you take for a year??? I had a rough idea and had everything laid out ready to pack in my fantastic rucksack on wheels (i know, i know) Kept putting it off for ages, so I started to pack tonight. Everything fitted in BUT you couldn’t tell what was on the bottom layer and would have ended up pulling loads of stuff out to find things. Got REALLY annoyed because I’m pretty organised and I like to be able to see everything. So I decided to switch it up a little (probably goes against all golden rules of packing) still rolled everything but have them standing up instead of lying down. So here are my clothes for the next 12 months……

My house for the next 12 months!!!!!

Pretty neat eh? You can see everything and can extract one thing at a time. You wouldn’t believe how much is in there!!! Even have an empty 15 litre pouch at the front for laundry. Yeah for Lindy (God I’m such a nerd!!) It isn’t too heavy either, any weight in it is down to the feckin toiletries which I’m not going to get annoyed about because I love my potions…… :-) I think this means I’m ready to go……

P.S. Thank god it’s a year of summer, there’s no way a winter wardrobe could have fit in there too :-)

Published by Linda on 10 May 2008

The Send Off

The GirliesHonestly everyone has been so good for saying goodbye and marking the occasion with a few drinkies. I know I might come across as ungrateful but if I started to show appreciation, I’d burst into tears! I’m pretty emotional and easily get teary eyed!

Johnny & KateKenny & Lindy

So thanks to everyone for the best send-off. I’ll miss everyone so much. Stay in touch, no big emails necessary, just line here and there or a text would be great. 


Lindy & HughWork Gang


Published by Linda on 10 May 2008

First Travel Blog……

………..okay so I haven’t actually left yet but my world tour is beginning on May 15th and I’m hoping to log some of the highlights here on myspace. I’m pretty much ready to go now. Have my flights, visas, aussie bank account and most of my vaccinations sorted and it’s all getting a bit scary……. Why the hell didn’t I do this when I finished college???? Getting too old to be reckless! Anyway, I guess I’ll put off growing up for a year or so.

Starting my trip in Hong Kong (to my friend Seanin) & China for a couple of weeks and then I’m going on a tour (where I’m sure I’ll be the granny of the group!!) of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia. That will take me up to July 12th and then I’m off to Darwin where I’m planning to work for a few months. 

I’m also getting a wee bit lonely now, I’m really, really going to miss everyone here. Boo :-( Once I’ve left I’m sure it’ll be all good, it’s just I’m already saying goodbye to people. Even though this has been planned for a good 18 months and felt like it would never come around, the last couple of months have gone by in a blur! I only have 4 weeks of work left!!

Anyhoo that’s about it for now. Will start my blog properly once I’ve left the green isle.