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Published by Linda on 17 Jul 2008

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur & Melaka

Got a free upgrade to a nice coach to KL which made up for the cockroach festival last time. Lots and lots of shopping in Kuala Lumpur so I had to use all my self restraint not to buy and guess what….. I succeeded!!!

Went to see the Petronas Towers being lit up at night and I thought yeah, yeah just another couple of skyscrapers but actually they are very beautiful. Check it out…

When I went to see the twin towers in NYC I lay down on the pavement (or sidewalk :-) ) to take a picture and so I decided to do the same with the Petronas Towers…….

A bunch of us went to a beauty salon – of sorts anyway!! We decided in our wisedom to plunge our feet into a pool of piranhas. Don’t think these were quite the flesh eating kind but more like the “cleaner” fish you see on sharks and whales. They nibble all the dead skin on your feet (or your whole body if you’re feeling brave!) It was such a weird, weird sensation.

The following day we went to see the botanical gardens. We took the Monorail (Homer Simpson would be proud!) and then walked what seemed like miles and miles. The gardens were lovely but unfortunately a couple of them were closed that day which was a bummer. Finished up the evening with a japanese meal which was so fresh and just what the doctor ordered after the recent overload of curries!!

We also headed off to see the Chinese market which I was looking forward to because last time Suze (Tour Leader) was there it got busted by the cops and the whole place cleared in seconds!! No such drama this time but we browsed around and some of the girls bought designer hangbags and the like.

After KL we got the bus to Melaka which is such a lovely place. We were based in Chinatown and it’s a gorgeous little place. It kinda reminds me of Hoi An in Vietnam way back when. Loads of little art galleries and shops. Got to meet and chat to one of the artists whose work was amazing. Had a lovely Malaysian dinner that night and took a liking to the wine so myself, Suze and Fiona decided to make a night of it. Suze and I even did a little impromtu singing at one bar – not that we were invited to but they didn’t seem to mind too much :-)

The following day we went to a museum which had 3 floors. First floor seemed to be a museum about museums??? Second floor was a Kite Museum which featured kites from all around the world. The real highlight though was on the 3rd floor which of course wasn’t air conditioned….. The Museum of Enduring Beauty. It documents what is considered beautiful around the world, i.e. Chinese foot binding – ouch!! Now I know I have big giant man hands but these shoes are really tiny, literally 3 or 4 inches long!

Most interesting and some of it looks incredibly painful – think I’ll just make do with what I have. Also spotted a couple of monitor lizards on our travels – hopefully will get to see the Komodo dragons which I head for Indonesia!!


Finished off the evening with a really local Indian – again too afraid of what’s breeding on my hands to eat with them so opted for the knife and fork option instead.

And that was our last stop in Malaysia, onward now to Singapore which marks the end of our seven week tour of South East Asia!!

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Published by admin on 17 Jul 2008

Malaysia – Penang (Georgetown) & Cameron Highlands

We left Koh Samui and began our long journey to Malaysia which involved a bus-boat-overnight train-bus-boat-bus and voila a mere(!) 23.5 hours later we arrived at our hotel in Penang or Georgetown. That journey knocked the socks off me I have to say.

Our first port of call was to go to a Chocolate Boutique which I think I mixed up in my head as a Chocolate Factory and I was all ready to Willy Wonka it up!!!! Well there was no choco river but it was a lot of fun trying all the different kinds of chocolate. I liked the sesame white chocolate and the chilli chocolate was usual but strangely enough a really good combination :-) A couple of hours testing later and we were full to the gills.

Spent a couple of hours at the night market working it off. Okay so I made myself a promise before I left not to buy any “tat” and up until then I succeeded……… This night market broke me down though in more ways than one. First off I bought some jewellery including a toe ring – which now means I’m an official backpacker I guess…. Then to add insult to injury, I bought a full length hippie (ish) skirt so that was the final nail in the coffin. Dear god I’m a crusty backpacker!!!!! Not sure if I’m very comfortable with that title but I guess that’s what I am. Hmmmmmm.

The following day found us wandering around Little India which was kinda fun. Browsed in a few of the shops – never knew how many types of bangles there were!! This shop is completely devoted to them!! We continued the evening with a nice Indian meal which we ate from banana leaves. Didn’t eat with my hands though, not because I didn’t want to, just because I reckon they are waaaay too dirty!!

The next day we left to go to the Cameron Highlands on a really crappy bus. So crappy that one of the girls had a cockroach on her seat (which isn’t massively uncommon) so her boyfriend swatted it away only to find that there was a NEST of them living in the seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sitting at the front of the bus but I would have had a complete wobbly if I was sitting near there. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!!! Don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing them to be honest.

Anyway we arrived in the Cameron Highlands and for the first time since leaving home I put on my fleece because it was actually cold!!! Felt nice to be all cozy wrapped in the clear air and not “sweaty-betty” for a change. We also sat around the campfire at our hotel having a couple of drinks and one of the locals played the guitar.

The following day was action packed, did a little trekking in the jungle, found the largest flower in the world the inside of which looks like this…….

……it’s really just a type of mushroom but I think it looks pretty unique all the same. So after a lot of sliding around in the mud we went to a very cold waterfall to get cleaned up and a nice cold drink of water from bamboo stalks. 

We also went to an Aboriginal Village and took aim with some blow darts…..

…see I really could be on Survivor :-)

The afternoon took us to see a tea plantation, the scenery and views of the valley were lovely and we finished off with a spot of afternoon tea. Had to force myself to drink a cup!!!

Afterwards we went to see an insect farm which was really interesting. Check out this cool Rhino beetle….amazing huh?

Also held a stick insect which just look like matchsticks, a snake and a scorpian!!!! Didn’t think I would but sure when will I get the chance to do these things again, right?

We finished up our day by going to a strawberry farm and sampled some great milkshakes, ice-creams and jams took the cheesiest photo imaginable…….

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