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Published by Linda on 23 May 2008

Hong Kong Continued

Had a huge stroll around Hong Kong on Sunday. Loads to see here, especially all the tall buildings. website nameservers . Seanie told me all the names of them but I didn’t retain much of them. What’s interesting or scary, depending on how you look at it, is that they use bamboo for scaffolding here. Dad I know you’d be freaking out at that!!!!

Finished out the afternoon by taking a tram ride up to the peak for some great views of Hong Kong. The only thing is HK is quite smoggy so even though this was a lovely day, the air isn’t very clear.

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Published by Linda on 18 May 2008

Hong Kong

Howdy, it’s currently 6am on Sunday in Hong Kong and I can’t sleep, even though I only went to sleep at 3am after a night out! So I said I might update y’all with some mindless rubbish. Arrived on friday, we were waiting at Heathrow on the plane for 90 minutes which you never psych yourself for!! But got 3 seats on the plane so all was forgiven :-)

Hong Kong is quite different than I expected, not sure what I expected to be honest but it’s all good. Very clean city and I’m crashing in my friend Sean’s place which is really central. The only drawback are the dried fish shops on his street aren’t the best on a hangover. The weather has been kind too, not too hot or that humid which is unusual for here but good for acclimatising. I’m down to wearing two layers which is good for me coz I’m a coldy cat!!

Headed out friday and last night. Met lots of Sean’s friends who made me feel really welcome. There’s a huge ex-pat community here and everyone knows everyone (bit like Cork, like!) It’s nice, they have a good group. There is a kind of “bar street” area which is mental but good for vodka jelly shots (yes, yes I know what happened the last time!! I blame you Avian :-) ) We mainly hung out at a few more chilled out places around there. This is Michelle, myself and Sean. (sorry about the photo Sean but you looked like a corpse in the other ones!!)

My plan was to head into China but with the Olympics this summer it’s much more difficult to get a visa (god knows why, you’d think they’d want people to go!!!) So now I’m waiting until Monday to get a last minute beach break at the travel agents – may or may not work out, we’ll see.

Going to be back in Hong Kong next weekend anyway, I fly from here to Hanoi on the 25th. Hong Kong is a great buzzy city and I’d recommend it but you tend to hemorrhage money here so not quite in my backpacker league :-) Wouldn’t mind meeting another few on the trail anyway but first things first – a few chillaxy days on the beach, now let me see, where to……..

P.S. More photos on my flickr site.